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Top languages used in 2022 (2022 Octoverse report)

November 18, 2022 | 12:00 AM

Github recently published the 2022 Octoverse report. With a commmunity of 94M developers, programming language usage data should be accurate. At least for 90% of companies using open source to develop software.

Javascript holds 1st place

Everyday a new Javascript framework is born. Javascript framework wars used to be React vs Angular. Nowadays Javascript developers have to choose between React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, Solid and their meta frameworks Next.js, Analog, Nuxt, Sveltekit and Solid start.

Javascript fatigue is still real, however most Javascript developers are happy and most do not report it is moving too fast.

(..) the percentage of people reporting that “JS is moving too fast” is down from 59% to 38%. — State Of JS 2021 survey

Python holds 2nd place

Python remains the most used programming language for academic purposes. Python is a programming language used for general purposes including web development, data analysis and Internet-of-Things.

Java holds 3th place

Google is one of the large companies using Java for most of their back-end services. It remains a solid and performant language for enterprise work environments.

TypeScript holds 4th place

TypeScript is the #3 fastest growing language of 2022 at Github. The React metaframework Next.js (#6 top open source projects 2022) does use Typescript by default for new projects created with create-next-app. Full-stack type safety with tools including Prisma and TRPC are improving DX by a large amount.

Back when the first State of JS survey took place, only 21% of you used TypeScript compared to 69% today. — State Of JS 2021 survey

PHP dropped from 6th to 7th place

The evidence is stacking up, the cool kids are ignoring (or leaving) PHP. In 2012 Symfony and Zend Framework made it 5th and 6nd place in the top project by contributors. In 2022 PHP is not in the top 10 list, Tensorflow #10 has 5 times more contributors than Laravel (PHP #1 project by contributors in 2022).

Top open source projects by contributors in 2012 (10 years ago)

  1. mxcl/homebrew
  2. rails/rails
  3. CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_base
  4. CocoaPods/Specs
  5. symfony/symfony
  6. zendframework/zf2
  7. openstack/nova
  8. saltstack/salt
  9. TrinityCore/TrinityCore
  10. github/hubot-scripts

Top open source projects by contributors in 2022

  1. microsoft/vscode
  2. home-assistant/core
  3. flutter/flutter
  4. MicrosoftDocs/azure-docs
  5. microsoft/PowerToys
  6. vercel/next.js
  7. NixOS/nixpkgs
  8. microsoft/TypeScript
  9. mui/material-ui
  10. tensorflow/tensorflow